Ripper Street season 4

Ripper Street is back…

…and a good thing too!

Season 4 begins in 1897 with Queen Victoria celebrating her diamond jubilee. Edmund Reid (the great Matthew Macfadyen) has retired from the force and left Whitechapel for good. However he soon finds himself drawn back to Whitechapel when he discovers that his old friend Isaac Bloom (Justin Avoth, Merlin) is set to hang for a brutal murder; a murder of which Reid believes he is innocent.

Again the grimy streets of Victorian Whitechapel are well depicted and we even get the front of the notorious Newgate Prison.

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The actors are brilliant in this and the detail is such that is should be lauded but it is not. The second season flagged a bit but the third certainly improved and I have high hopes for this season.

It is currently on Amazon Prime…Enjoy!


Ripper Street saved!

9553149Good news for those who are a fan of Ripper Street, me and many others it appears as it has been rescued.

The Victorian detective drama with a fantastic eye for detail was cancelled by the BBC earlier this year after two seasons because of poor ratings. TV execs…are ratings everything?

However the fans fought back after an online campaign and is returning for a third series through a deal between the British broadcaster and online retailer Amazon…hurrah!

Filming begins in May on the new series, which will be shown first on Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service, before airing on BBC television.

Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn return as 19th-century police fighting crime in the sordid streets of London’s East End.

BBC drama boss Ben Stephenson said Wednesday that the deal was “an exceptional opportunity” to bring the show back that would please fans while freeing up BBC money for new drama series.

Popular Victorian Culture

I think this the term I am going to use for, well modern day interpretations of Victoriana!

From Screen Rant

Showtime is hoping for a new hit in the original programming department with Penny Dreadful, the upcoming horror series created by Oscar-nominated writer/producer John Logan (The AviatorHugo) and executive produced by Oscar-winner Sam Mendes (who directed Skyfall based on the script co-penned by Logan).

The show takes place in Victorian London, where characters from such iconic novels as DraculaFrankenstein and The Portrait of Dorian Gray collide in an alternate reality – one where “science and superstition walk hand in hand,” to borrow the phrasing from the latest Penny Dreadful teaser. That clip shows the bloody aftermath left by some escaped creature (Frankenstein’s Monster? Some other unnatural beast designed in a laboratory?) and includes voiceover by two unidentified gentlemen discussing a world unconstrained by “truth.”

It’s arguably a more intriguing preview than the previous teasers, which highlight imagery (stitched-up corpse skin) and scenarios (demonic possession) that will beextremely familiar to anyone well-versed in the area of classic supernatural horror tropes. However, Logan – during a recent interview with EW – basically promised to re-invigorate these cliche elements and make them as troubling and truly horrifying as they were once intended to be.

Calling Penny Dreadful a “highly erotic” and “very bloody” show, Logan went on to explain his intention with the series:

“When I was first talking to Sam Mendes about it, the word I came up with was disturbing. It’s not enough to scare people because that’s a cheaper sensation. But to unsettle and disturb people on a deeper level because they feel familiarity with monstrous characters is really our goal.”

penny dreaful josh hartnett eva green New Penny Dreadful Teaser and Image: Strange Times in Victorian London

Picture above is Penny Dreadful lead Josh Hartnett (30 Days of Night) as the charmingly brash Ethan Chandler and Eva Green (300: Rise of an Empire) as the steely Vanessa Ives, both of whom are characters haunted by their past – at the least, figuratively, and quite probably literally haunted, to some degree. Other noteworthy cast members who are confirmed for the series include Billie Piper (Doctor Who), Rory Kinnear (Quantum of Solace), Timothy Dalton (The Tourist) and Helen McCrory (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 & 2).

Fox’s supernatural horror/history mashup Sleepy Hollow has proven to be a good deal of fun, but Penny Dreadful may appeal to the genre’s fans who are in the mood for something a little more high-minded – a show that also has a chance of actually making their skin crawl, no less. If Logan delivers, then Showtime could wind up with the success that it’s looking for.