Are you a Neo-Victorian?

Well this is a term that has been bandied around for sometime but what exactly is a Neo-Victorian?

10995932_10152745654359779_4692678856838105036_nAccording to Wiki Neo-Victorianism is an aesthetic movement which amalgamates both Victorian and Edwardian aesthetic sensibilities with modern principles and technologies. A large number of magazines and websites are devoted to Neo-Victorian ideas including  dress, family life, interior decoration and morals.

So lets see:

  • I certainly sport a splendid Victorian moustache and beard
  • I wear Victorian clothes given the oppertuniy
  • I read Neo-Victorian literature
  • I am a Christian which I believe brings my Victorian morality to the fore
  • I enjoy Victorian architecture, interior design

So now I have to ask myself why:

I don’t really know if there is an easy answer.

I find the Victorian era aesthetically pleasing, attention to detail and beauty. Assuming you had money then you dressed finely, hats and canes etc.

The fantastic authors such as Dickens, Bronte, Carroll and Thomas Hardy.

A set of Christian morals were generally accepted and a structure in society was present.

The modern world came into being with fantastic discoveries, feats of engineering. The British Empire had spread across the globe, fortunes were made.

Of course there was immense poverty, workhouses, the poor law, pollution, crime, violence, death and disease…if you were wealthy great, if not well…

But something about that era just draws me too it…how about you?


Victorian Clothing

The gentlemen of our favourite era had some cracking clothes.

A few years back I purchased three waistcoats from the Gentlemen’s Emporium, an american based company that do ‘Authentic Products’ and the products they do are of a very high quality and are very authentic.

Here are the three waistcoats or vests I now have:

Baker City: A fine double breasted vest. The cut is conservative, but the fabric is full of style. Notched collar, 2 front pockets, adjustable back and fancy metal buttons.

Available in a variety of colors, to suit any occasion. USA-made. 100% silk exterior 100% acetate lining. Dry clean only. Available in sizes S-3X.

Drake: From charades to poker, he played to win and was a force to be reckoned with in our dashing Drake Vest. A sure bet style for the both the aspiring 19th century gentleman or modern-day guy.

Available in black, or red, the rich, brocade look of our men’s vest is detailed with a notched lapel and five fabric covered buttons. Two inset welt pockets provide a spot to stash a watch or spare change while a back strap adjusts for a comfortable fit.

Farnsworth: Distinguished and debonair for the male fashion connoisseur, any aspiring 19th century gentleman will be dashingly dressed to be admired in our ebony Farnsworth Vest.

Designed in deep black damask, this men’s vest shimmers with an ever-so-subtle floral pattern woven into the fabric. Five handsome metal buttons add closure to the front while the notched lapels and V-point hem lend a formal, late 1800s flair. Two welt pockets sit at the waist for convenience and a black satiny back adjusts for the perfect fit.

I have to say these are very comfortable and I look top smart in the attire and the price is pretty reasonable as well. This is ‘the’ company for this style of attire so I would recommend a visit.

I also have an overcoat which was recently given to me…it is a ‘Crombie’, a three-quarter length wool overcoats, named after it’s manufacturer J&J Crombie Ltd, they have been around since 1805 and have a great heritage.

The coat itself is a three quarter length wool and a perfect fit. It is so warm in the winter I couldn’t of purchased a better one, not that I could’ve afforded one looking at the Crombie web site prices, the cheapest coming in at just under £500!