Flushed with Success!

Thomas Crapper was born sometime in 1836, not too sure when as the records are apparently not too clear.

He was plumber and founded the now world renowned Thomas Crapper & Co in London but despite tradition did not actually invent the flushing toilet. In fact the flushing toilet we all know and love was invented by John Harrington many years before in 1596, jump forward  to 1778 and Joseph Bramah of Yorkshire patented the first practical water closet but it took anopther 100 years for George Jennings to take a patent for the flush-out toilet.

But because Crapper’s products were up to such a high standard to the point where they received royal warrants. Infact it was in the 1880s when Prince Edward soon to be King Edward VII snapped up Sandringham House in Norfolk and Thomas Crapper & Co. were summoned to supply to thirty lavatories with cedarwood seats and enclosures. He also recieved  from King George V and his name has been forever associated (bit like the Hoover I guess!with the equipment to allow to ‘do our business’ in comfort.

An aside:

The word crap is actually much older than Crapper, middle english apparently! but it first appeared with its first application to bodily waste, appeared in 1846 under a reference to a ‘crapping ken’, Ken is a house!