Gustave Doré, his London and his pilgrimage

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Gustave Doré was born in Strasbourg on 6th January 1832 by the time he reached 50 he had signed a five-year project with he publishers, Grant & Co, this deal was worth £10,000 a year which was a huge sum at the time.

This work led him to produce a comprehensive portrait of London. The book, London: A Pilgrimage, with 180 engravings by Dore, was eventually published in 1872 and what a cracking visual feast it is.

“A child prodigy, Doré received little formal artistic training, but his talents as a draughtsman were already apparent during his school years.” Dore’s biographer, David Kerr.

The book was resounding commercial success but did suffer from some detractors due to the nature of the poverty and grime that is so apparent in his work.

The images are an invaluable source of historical image of the great metropolis, I can really recommend this book as the images are fascinating.