The ideal kitchen

With Christmas coming it’s well worth checking that you have all the required tools of the trade so to speak.

Of course today we are incredibly fortunate as our kitchens tend to have many electric time-saving gadgets something our Victorian forebears would’ve no doubt loved to of have.

However this is what (depending on the size and your standing in society) you generally from Miss Parloa’s Kitchen Companion 1887

Here is a list of articles with which every housekeeper should be supplied :

Apple-corer, Baking-pans, four, of tin, and shallow. Baking-pans of Russian iron, two sizes. Bean-pot. Biscuit-cutter. Blacking-brash, for polishing stove. Block, or thick board, on which to break bones,  open lobsters, etc. Boards, two, on which to cut bread and cold meat. Boning-knife. Bowls, four, yellow earthenware, holding from six quarts down. Bowls, four, white, and smooth bottomed, holding one quart each. Boxes, of tin or wood, for rice, tapioca, crackers, barley, soda, cream-of-tartar, etc. Braising-pan, say of granite -ware, round and deep, with cover. Bread-pans, two, holding six and eight quarts respectively. Brown-bread pans, two. Buckets or tin boxes for sugar, graham, Indian, and rye meal. Butcher’s knife. Cake-box. Case knives and forks, two each. Chocolate-pot. Chopping knife and tray. Coffee-biggin. Coffee-pot. Colander. Covers for flour-barrels. Cups, six, holding half a pint each. Dipper with long handle. Dish-cloth, of wire. Dish-pan. Double-boiler, hoi ding three quarts. Double-broilers, three, one each for toast, fish, and meat. Dredgers, one each for flour, powdered sugar, salt, and pepper, the last two to be small. Dust pan and brush. Egg-beater, Dover. Fish-kettle. Flour-sieve. Fork, large. French cook’s knife. Frying-basket. Frying – kettle, Scotch, No. 4 (which is deep). Frying-pans, French, polished, Nos. 3 and 6. Grater, large. Gravy-strainer. Griddle. Hand-basin. Jagging-iron. Larding-needle. Lemon-squeezer. Meat-rack. Melon-mould. Milk-pans, two. Moulding-board, of hard wood. Muffin-pans, two, of stamped iron. Pail, for cleaning purposes. Pans, four, deep, for loaves of bread or cake. Pots, two, of cast-iron (they come with the stove). Preserving-kettle, porcelain-lined. Pudding-dish, of earthenware. Pudding-mould, round. Quart measures, two. Rolling-pin. Roll-pan, French, of Russian iron, and deep. Scoops, one each for flour and sugar. Scrubbing-brush. Skewers, of steel, one set. Spice-box. Spoons, four, large, for  mixing purposes. Squash-strainer. Steamer that will fit on to one of the cast-iron pots. Stew-pans, four, of stamped tin or granite-ware, holding from one pint to four quarts. Stew-pans, three, porcelain-lined, holding from one to six quarts. Stone pots, one holding ten quarts, for bread ; one holding six quarts, for butter ; and one holding three quarts, for pork. Table-spoons, two. Tea-canister. Teapot. Teaspoons, six. Trussing-needle. Vegetable-cutters, two. Vegetable-knives, two. Vegetable-masher. Waffle-iron. Whip-churn. Wire beater or whisk. Wooden bowl, for chopping purposes.

Actually looking through the list I guess we still have many of the things in our kitchen…!!