Londoners’ Larder: English Cuisine from Chaucer to the Present: English Cuisine from Chaucer to Present

One of the best ways to pick up cheap books on the Victorian Era tends to be in Charity (thrift) shops (not forgetting ebay and in times of austerity such as today we have plenty of these types of shops.

My latest acquisition is hard back ‘Londoners’ Larder ‘ by Annette Hope for the bargain sun of £1.75!

About the book:

Annette Hope has used biography, literature and social history to explore the city of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Pepys, Johnson, Dickens, Wilde and Virginia Woolf, and to show in lively detail what these writers and their contemporaries might have eaten, where the food came from and how it was cooked. She looks at problems of supply, distribution, nutrition, cooking, and health and hygiene as the city expanded and changed character, and chronicles the effects of social, economic, and ethnic shifts since the end of the Second World War. At the end of each chapter are recipes from the period, written in modern, usable form.

Clearly Hope has done lost research and knows her stuff. She tells wonderful stories about the authors and their writing, the food culture and restaurants of their time and their choice of food.

She has Included Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens and more. Our real interest is Charles dickens and Oscar Wilde both chronicling the beginning and end of the Victorian period.

Personally having now cooked some Victorian recipes I find this stuff fascinating, there are recipes for Eel Pie, Scotch minced Collops, Black Caps, Kalecannon from various cook but the name that caught my eye was ‘Lady Maria Clutterbuck’…what a great name!

It’s definitely one to add to the collection and has usable recipes.