On dressing well

smart chap with his wife 1880

Fashion is something that of course is a matter of taste.

We have casual and of course formal.

Sadly in the last few years fashion for the masses seems to have been provided by faux Sports shops (I tried to buy some shorts in the one last year to be told they don’t sell them in the winter!) providing ‘supposed’ fashionable sports clothes. Sports clothes are comfortable and great for sports…clearly the overriding point of them although maybe this has been missed!

A gentleman should always be so well dressed that his dress shall never be observed at all. Does this sound like an enigma? It is not meant for one. It only implies that perfect simplicity is perfect elegance, and that the true test of taste in the toilette of a gentleman is its entire harmony, unobtrusiveness and becomingness. If any friend should say to ” you, What a handsome waistcoat you have on !” you may depend, that a less handsome waistcoat would be in better taste. If you hear it said that Mr. So-and-So wears superb jewellery, you may conclude beforehand that he wears too much. Display, in short, is ever to be avoided, especially in matters of dress. The toilette is the domain of the fair sex. Let a wise man leave its graces and luxuries to his wife, daughters or sisters, and seek to be himself appreciated for something of higher worth than the embroidery upon his shirt front, or the trinkets on his chain. To be too much in the fashion is as vulgar as to be too far Behind it, No really well-bred row follow every near cut that he sees in his tailor’s fashion-book. Only very young men, and those not of the most aristocratic circles, are guilty of this folly.

Some sound advice from Routledges Manual of Etiquette, it seems like the old phrase ‘less is more’ holds true.

The author of ” Pelham” has aptly said that a gentleman’s coat should not fit too well. There is great truth and subtlety in this observation. To be fitted too well is to look like a tailor’s assistant. This is the great fault which we have to find in the style of even the best bred Frenchmen. They look as if they had just stepped out of a fashion-book, and lack the careless ease which makes an English gentleman look as if his clothes belonged to him, and not he to his clothes.

Our clothes are an important part of our appearance but I would maintain that they need to help bring our personality to the fore, to enhance it and not something to do ourselves a disservice because of cliché and media.

Muffin Tops...an affront to humanity!

The same goes for the Ladies…the so called ‘muffin top’ was an affront to all humanity, for those who don’t know or haven’t seen it the “muffin top” is a generally slang term used to describe the scary phenomenon of overhanging fat when it spills over the waistline of pants or skirts in a manner that resembles the top of a muffin spilling over its paper casing.

So we all need to take some care Continue reading