A New System of Domestic Cookery: Formed Upon Principles of Economy, and Adapted to the Use of Private Families, with the Addition of Many New Receipts

Following on from the last post I will be trying to give you links to scanned cook books from the day. They are are on the net but finding them is a trifle time consuming…so allow me.

A few things to take on board first though:

1. Some of the scans are not that good
2. Some are very difficult to search
3. You need to adjust the recipes for today’s measurements and health reasons
4. They have some very long titles!
5. and they will only be British Victorian (well initially anyway)

So too start with:

Name: A New System of Domestic Cookery: Formed Upon Principles of Economy, and Adapted to the Use of Private Families, with the Addition of Many New Receipts

By: Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell.

Published: 1840 by Thomas Allen, 42, Holborn Hill, London.

Pages: 325

Link: http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/index.html

About the book: 

It starts of with several pages of ‘observations for the mistress of the family’ which can be quite an interesting aside as they give you an idea into the mindset of the era when:

‘There was a time when ladies knew nothing beyond their own family concerns; but in the present day there are many who know nothing about them’

and this piece goes onto talk about manners, piety, direction of the table etc.

The recipes are divided into parts:

Part I Fish: Everything from Fried Eels, Sprats, Pot Lobster, Oyster Loaves, Hot Crab, Turbot, Baked Pike, Pipers, Carp, Cod and much more
Part II Meats:  Venison, Beef, Veal, Boiled Calf head, Pork, Mutton, Lamb and everything in-between
Part III Poultry & Game: Chicken, Pigeon, Pheasant, Grouse, Wild Fowl, Duck, Hare and Rabbit
Part IV Soups and Gravies: Both meat and Vegetable soups, General directions for making Gravy
Part V Sauces: Sauce for all meats, fish, Game and Vegetables, Mustards, Vinegars and Peppers
Part VI Pies, Puddings and Pastry: A multitude of pies, puddings and Pastry of all descriptions from Squab Pies to Quaking Pudding
Part VII Vegetables All sorts of Vegetation dressing preparations and Pickles
Part VIII Sweet Dishes, Preserves and Sweetmeats Some great pudding recipes from Syllabub to Orange Butter, Scotch Eggs to Potted Cheese. A good section on sweetmeats as well.
Part IX Cakes and Breads Cake and Bread recipes galore such as Water Cakes, Shrewsbury Cakes, Crack-Nuts, Potatoe Rolls and Yorkshire Cake.
Part X Home Brewery Recipes for Mead, Ale and Wine
Part XI Dairy and Poultry On making Cheese, Cream, Butter etc
Part XII Cookery for the sick and Poor Not sure how Eel or Calves feet Broth or Beef Tea are going to make you better!
PART XIII On the directions of servants This is a great historical insight