A Victorian Christmas at Harewood House

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This would be great to go to…just fantastic.

More than 200 volunteers spent the last three days creating a Victorian Christmas at Harewood House. It is the first time in five years that the house has been opened to the public at Christmas. The volunteers were working under the guidance of award-winning film creative director Michael Howells – who produced the set design for the ITV drama Victoria some of which was shot at Harewood.

“Harewood was incredible place to work filming Victoria for the last two years and has provided us with fantastic inspiration. It’s special place, filled with history and wonderful stories to tell,” said Mr Howells.



Sprouts…glorious sprouts!

You cannot have a Christmas dinner without the blessed sprout.

Sprouts despite their bad press are a wonderful vegetable, Brussels sprouts are from the family that includes cabbage, collard greens, broccoli, kale, and kohlrabi; they are cruciferous.

They also contain good amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and dietary fibre and possibly protect against colon cancer because they contain sinigrin.

Sprouts are simple to cook and here’s Mrs Beeton to tell us how: