Forgotten London Mansion Was Empty Since 1895…

This is well worth looking at.

The city of London is full of history, though it’s easy to forget that when you see what is now a thriving, modern city. As generations pass and more of the city becomes modernized, it becomes harder and harder to learn about previous inhabitants’ lives.

mansion.jpgBut every once in a while, a piece of history remains that practically acts as a time capsule. That’s the case with one building in London that’s been so well-preserved that it allows us to take a one-of-a-kind look at the way the world used to be.

When you see inside of this stunning building, it’s like you’re transported back in time. What an incredible reminder of what the city used to be like, and what history we live among every day!


The Victorian Societies most endangered for 2014

The Victorian Society is the charity championing Victorian and Edwardian buildings in England and Wales. Many have been demolished but these fine and gorgeous structures need to be saved for generations to come.

This year’s Top Ten includes unusual buildings such as a Grade II*-listed hammerhead crane in Cowes, which gives a glimpse into Cowes’ industrial past, the impressive Coal Exchange in Cardiff and a Grade II*-listed church in Hastings facing potential demolition in no particular order are here are the first five of the top ten:

hammerheadHammerhead crane, Cowes, Isle of Wight (1912, Babcock and Wilcox, Grade II*) This giant cantilever crane was installed for the production of naval warships such as HMS Cavalier, which is preserved at Chatham Dockyard. This reminder of Cowes’ industrial past must be saved

Collier Street Baths, Greengate, Salford (1855, Thomas Worthington, Grade II*) manchestAction must be taken to save this rare survival of a handsome early public baths designed by one of Manchester’s best 19th century architects.

wesley2_800Former Wesley Methodist Church, Wesley Square, Hartlepool (1871-73, Hill and Swan, Grade II) Owner, Jomast Ltd, must stop allowing this elegant former Methodist Church to deteriorate and fulfil its promise of conversion into a hotel.

coalCoal Exchange, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff
(1883, Edwin Seward, Grade II*) Declared unsafe and in imminent danger of collapse by Cardiff Council in 2013 a thorough heritage assessment is urgently needed.

hastings all souls thumbnailAll Souls church, Hastings, East Sussex (1890, Sir Arthur Blomfield, Grade II*) The Church Commissioners are considering taking the unusual step of demolishing a Grade II*-listed building without fundamental structural issues.

St Clements Hospital

2474127813Boris Johnson is coming to London’s East End to drive a bulldozer to start pulling down bits of an old Victorian hospital…a jolly wheeze eh!


Sadly this once beautiful building will soon be gone, then building can then start on Britain’s first urban land trust housing that he gave the green light to.

442711898_b96640739cApparently the scheme ‘by the East London Land Trust is the result of a 10-year campaign first raised as a permanent solution to London’s rising cost of housing when Ken Livingstone was mayor at a London Citizens assembly in 2004’.










guess it has to be done, as the population of our metropolis expands…however maybe they could just take the brownside land that has been held on to by builders and build on there thus saving great buildings for the nation!