Mansfield Park by ITV 2007

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen was written at Chawton Cottage from 1812 – 1814 and was published in July 1814 by Thomas Egerton.

Adaptations are just that…an adaptation and whilst I think when adapting you should have seen give and take sometimes it can just lose the sense of the book and so it is with this adaptation of this somewhat dumbed down and lacklustre Mansfield Park by ITV.

Billy Piper, yes she of Dr Who fame and who I think is quite a good actress plays the adaptations Fanny Price very well but she is not meant to be this running around new age free spirit, tortured as per the book she is not…well no much anyway. This sort of kills it from the off for me…she has more in common with dizzy Lydia Bennet than Fanny Price.

They seem to have forgotten to send Fanny away from Mansfield to her poor home…a rather important point to the plot really.

Edmund played by Blake Ritson was the best out of the bunch to be honest, I found him to be excellent. But the rest of the cast seem to under play their characters or maybe they had been deliberately toned down.

For instance Sir Thomas Bertram was very stern and then he wasn’t. Tom Bertram a gambling drunk just wasn’t really very drunk was he! And Mrs Norris, the mean and officious skinflint of the piece…she wasn’t especially mean was she…I was a little bored about half way through!

All in all a bit of a disappointment.