The Beauty of the Horse Drawn…

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If you have some spare cash…well quite a lot actually, you could be the proud owner of an 1835 Traveling Landauer wagon that was commissioned by the Royal Mews. You would need £300,000 of course. The extravagant coach, and the luxury and detail that went into it was made by Adams & Hooper of London and used to carry King William IV on his Royal duties until his death just two years later.

It is part of one of the world’s finest collections of Victorian wrought-iron horse-drawn carriages that is up for auction.

The group of 28 coaches, which were built long before the invention of the car, have been amassed by a European collector over the past 30 years.

The auction takes place on March 7 at Bonhams of London.

Auctioneer Rob Hubbard said ‘The owner is a Dutch collector but a lot of the carriages he has were made by English coachbuilders. ‘He has spent over 30 years collecting but he is now aged in his 80s and he no longer has any horses left and has decided now to pass it on to somebody else.

‘These carriages are all exceptional in quality, you rarely see them in such good condition. The Royal Mews carriage is luxurious and has 50 yards of individually stitched cord. The attention to detail is beyond the Rolls Royce standard while the Veuve Clicquot carriage’s seats are made from pure silk.’