Victorian Valentines Cards

an140152142all-the-valentin.jpgA small collection of Victorian Valentine’s cards are up for auction going under the hammer today.

The 20 love notes, believed to date to around 1880, were found in an old shoebox by Charles Hanson and go on sale this Saturday.

The cards, covered in gentle floral designs and with messages of love are a world away from the some of the rather brash designs of the current generation.

Mr Hanson, a regular expert on the BBC’s Bargain Hunt show, said: “I couldn’t resist entering these cards into Hansons’ first London auction, giving people the chance to buy a genuine Victorian Valentine card in time for the most romantic day of the year. Surely, there can be nothing more romantic than that.

I found them in a shoebox during a trip to Cambridgeshire and it was love at first sight. The sweet floral decorations, gentle colours and equally gentle wording talking of “hope” are a delight.“

Sending a message of love to someone who may not know your feelings is a delicate matter and the simple charms of these Victorian cards remind us how it should be done, tastefully and elegantly.


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