Jamaica Inn

Finally got round to watching Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier (2014).

The BBC three-part series was


Jessica Brown Findlay as Mary Yellan

written by Emma Frost and is an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s gothic novel of the same name.

The acting was all great. Jessica Brown Findlay did a fine job as Mary Yellen as did Matthew McNulty as Jem Merlyn. 

It was a dark and muddy production, just like the horrendous crimes committed  at the heart of this tale.

I think Jamaica Inn portrays that of many compromised characters. Mary Yellen quite sure of what is wrong and right, forced into taking part in the plunder and killing of innocent seaman.

The only character who is not compromised  and appears to know exactly what he is doing is the one at the centre of it all, the more than evil Parson.

The most compromised of all,

Joss Merlyn was played by Sean Harris superbly. He is ensnared in something extremely nasty indeed. His attempt to drag the heroin into the evil cesspool he inhabits was really a first class piece of drama, interesting to watch and yet really a sad story.

However with over 2,000 complaints being received by the end of the series about the ‘mumbling’ by some actors.

I have to say that Matthew McNulty who played Jem Merlyn is mean’t to have a mumbly voice, this clearly works on paper but not if you are trying to listen to him and there were some instances where it was difficult to understand what he was saying.

Apart from that I enjoyed it, quite a good plot and steller acting..


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