Dickensian by the BBC…

What do you think?

A big mix up from all corners of the Dickens universe and more.

I have to say I like it…it is not Dickens but then of course it isn’t but with some great casting and great creative writing it is fun and has potential.

So what do you think? Is it sacrilege…should Dickens wonderful characters be used like this?

Would Dickens enjoy it?



2 thoughts on “Dickensian…?

  1. Wow–I just don’t know yet. I’ve just watched the first episode, and I’m intrigued . . .but a little frustrated too. I feel like I’m peeking behind a curtain at these characters–in the parts of their lives never lived on the stage that Dickens gave us. But so far, I haven’t seen enough to know if that extra “taste” of their lives will be fascinating or frustratingly small bites. Have you finished all the episodes?

    • We are currently up to number 6 of 20…like you i’m intrigued…I think we’ll have to wait and see how far they go but they way it all goes together is interesting…saying that I have to try reference all the characters online so I know who they all are…and of course some are not Dickens creations.

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