Christmas #3

dickens_hpg_3449889bWhat would Christmas be without Charles Dickens?

Well here’s something different from the BBC. They will

‘will entice a new generation to the works of Dickens, with a “mischievous and irreverent” take on his novels, featuring his best-loved characters reimagined into one street.

A 20-part series, written by a former EastEnders scriptwriter, will have half-hour episodes laced with cliff-hangers in a beginners’ guide to Dickens’ books for a soap-loving generation.

It will see Caroline Quentin starring as Oliver Twist’s Mrs Bumble, Bafta-winner Stephen Rea as Bleak House’s Inspector Bucket, and Pauline Collins OBE as Mrs Gamp from Martin Chuzzlewitz.

They will join acting talents including Tuppence Middleton, as Amelia Havisham, in scenes which could see Scrooge bumping into Fagin in the local pub.

The series, entitled Dickensian, was written by Tony Jordan, who told the Telegraph he initially dismissed it as a “really crazy idea” which no-one would dare commission.

It will be a familiar set-up to anyone familiar with British soaps, with an elaborate set based around a 300ft cobbled high street, a pub, church and law court.

Filmed in West London, it saw programme-makers build an entire community of 27 two-storey buildings, where all of Dickens characters will live, alongside the Old Curiosity Shop, Three Cripples Pub, and Fagin’s Den.’

I think this could be a good bit of fun and reckon Dickens would love it!



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