The Victorian Societies most endangered for 2014 (Part 2)

The remaining five most endangered buildings for 2014.

abney park chapel


Abney Park Cemetery Chapel, Stoke Newington, Hackney, London (1840, William Hosking, Grade II) The oldest surviving non-denominational chapel in Europe, and Hosking’s only surviving public building, is now a picturesque ruin on the brink of being lost without immediate action.

crumlinNavigation Colliery, Crumlin, Wales (1907-1911, Partridge Jones and Company, Grade II*/ Grade II) This nationally important colliery complex was a show-pit of the period but plans to turn the site into a community hub may fail without addressing pollution and a collapsing culvert under the access road.

trenthamTrentham Hall, near Stoke-on-Trent (1840, Sir Charles Barry, Grade II*) Once one of England’s grandest country houses, the majority of the Hall was demolished in 1912 due to pollution in the river Trent. The remains give an idea of the Hall’s former glory but are in a very poor state.

Crimean War Monument, Sheffield, Yorkshire & the Humber (1858, G Goldie, Crimean-War-Monume_3067726kGrade II) This tribute to Britain’s war dead has been broken up and placed in storage for over.

toneTonedale Mills, Wellington, Somerset (Continuously enlarged and re-modelled between c.1800 and c.1920, Grade II*) Plans to redevelop much of the site as housing fell through during the recession, but as the housing market recovers, surely a sensitive housing scheme incorporating the mill buildings is now viable or is the column feared lost. Sheffield Council must find it a new home.


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