Pride and Prejudice (BBC) 2005

Untitled 1Pride and Prejudice, possibly the bench mark of period drama. Written a little before our time (although it is said the Victorian era was a ‘long century’) in 1813.

This 20 year old adaptation is a six-episode BBC drama adapted by Andrew Davies. He explained, “One of the first things that struck me about Pride and Prejudice is that the central motor which drives the story forward is Darcy’s sexual attraction to Elizabeth. He doesn’t particularly like her, he’s appalled by the rest of her family and he fights desperately against this attraction.

_67261500_carriage_bbcWith the superb Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet) and Colin Firth (Mr Darcy). BBC One originally broadcast the 55-minute episodes from 24 September to 29 October in 1995.

Pride and Prejudice was critically acclaimed and a hugely popular success. It won several including a BAFTA Television Award for Jennifer Ehle for Best Actress and an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costume Design for a Miniseries or a Special. The role of brooding and handsome Mr Darcy served Colin Firth very well making him a household name and nowadays a star.

lat-20--20m-20pride-20130124212501161054-620x349The casting of Julia Sawahla as the stupid Lydia Bennett was fantastic and she carried off a difficult role so well that in the end you still have to like her for all her faults. The rest of the cast as excellent. You have David Bamber as Mr. Collins was suitably sweaty and snivelling, Alison Steadman as Mrs. Bennett was fantastically highly strung, Adrian Lukis as Wickham (what a cad) and Anna Chancellor’s, Miss. Bingley as a nasty piece of work.

It is gloriously shot with beautiful scenery, colourful period costumes and has a glorious wit running through the story line.

If you haven’t seen where have you been living!!!


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