How to be a Victorian by Ruth Goodman

imagesThis is brilliantly detailed and interesting book. Ruth Goodman is a historian and is an expert in nineteenth-century social and domestic history and has presented a number of BBC television series such as Victorian Farm, Victorian Pharmacy, Edwardian Farm , Tudor Monastery Farm and Wartime Farm.

As a presenter I find her engaging and as a writer she is great as these quotes will attest…

Written with such passion that one cannot help but be carried along . . . Will fascinate and inform anyone who is in any way interested in Victorian ways of life (Dr Ian Mortimer, author of The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England)

A delightful read . . . allows us to see how the Victorians lived from day to day. A triumph (Judith Flanders, author of The Victorian City)

TVO - Victorian Farm ChristmasShocking, exciting, wonderful (Clive Anderson BBC Radio 4)

I absolutely love this book. Exuberant, absorbing … there’s scarcely a detail of Victorian life Ruth has not tried (A N Wilson Mail on Sunday)

Ruth – a woman who possesses so much elbow grease that she could probably can the overflow to sell on the side (Independent)

Goodman’s enthusiasm for history is as palpable as her contempt for misty-eyed interpretations of it (Telegraph)

Beetonian, compendious (Guardian)

Highly readable, often amusing and sometimes shocking, this is popular history at its best (BBC Who Do You Think You Are magazine)

Enlightening (Scotland on Sunday)

Fantastic book…make sure you buy it (London By Gaslight)


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