Time Team: Lincoln Jail

Untitled 7A Time Team special presented by the recently knighted Sir Tony Robinson and experts from hit show. So the Time Team have visited Lincoln Castle to film a programme exposing the horrors of punishment at the site.

The castle was used as a Victorian jail and is still home to Lincoln Crown Court.

The episode shows a brutal and somewhat bizarre Victorian experiment that pushed prisoners to their limits of their endurance.

In solitude, mind numbing punishments would take the prisoners to the very edge (and in some cases over) of sanity. “Some went mad, many died, and the prison regime broke down in shocking circumstances, in this grim jail in the heart of the city, something went badly wrong.”

Sir Tony, Phil Harding and Alex Langlands, will trace the story of punishment over the course 1,000 years.

You can see the episode here

Untitled 5


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