Diamond Jubilee…1897 Memorabilia

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Having seen all sorts of tat for sale in the shops supposedly celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s diamond Jubilee (even on packets of toilet paper!) I wondered what was on sale when Queen Victoria reached her 60th year…

Quite and array of memorabilia as it turns out, so here’s a small selection that I found for sale on Ebay uk!


2 thoughts on “Diamond Jubilee…1897 Memorabilia

  1. Looking for information on a tin I have which I believe was issued as part of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. The tin is approx. 11 cm high x 15 x 10 with attached lid. On the lid are two pictures of Queen Victoria: one marked 1837, the other 1897. On the ends are pictures of sailors: one looking through a telescope and the other holding a Union Jack flag with the caption “Britannia Rules The Waves” under both. On the front is a picture of soldiers on horseback in a parade and on the back are pictures of an India temple and a picture of two men in their finest; possibly Raja. Any info would be appreciated.

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