Local Victoriana: Kingston Hill

Well here’s a bit of a puzzle. I spied this recently on Kingston Hill at the Kingston Hill University, Kingston Surrey.

It looks Victorian to my eye but being no expert I wondered if anyone could shed any light upon it.

It’s a beautiful carving and too me looks like it is on the side of former stables that is now the Kingston University Law School.

The sites main building is Kenry House which was built by Earl of Dunraven, part of the Garden, a wall infact is grade II listed.

Late C18/early C19. Massive brick retaining wall originally supporting the garden
in front of Kenry House. 

Kenry was also Kenry House Hospital,

the residence of the late Lady Dunraven, was lent to the British Red Cross Society by Lord Dunraven.  It opened in January 1917 as an auxiliary military hospital to the Third London (T.F.) General Hospital, receiving a capitation rate of 6 shillings (30p) a day.  All other expenses were met by the administrator, Mrs Alexander Mackenzie. 

So clearly Kenry house above has been there since the turn of the 20th century and I would guess before by looking at the architecture of this image.

But what about the stables, any thought?


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