William Tingle Brown and John Atkinson Grimshaw

William Tingle Brown…never heard of him…or John Atkinson Grimshaw…nope but this picture that is up for sale concerns both.

This beautiful 14×9 inch moonlit view is of Yew Court which was in fact the home of said artist who was also a watchmaker and jeweller, and a very successful, so much so that  he retired in his early 30s.

Records show that by 1881and at the grand age of 35 he now described himself as a retired jeweller and lived in a house called Oaklands in Sheffield. He lived with his wife Jane and daughter Edith. Also his sister Fanny plus two servants who also lived in.

It seems that sometime between 1881 and 1891 his wife Jane died. By 1901 he was married 53 to his second wife Clara who at 38 who was somewhat younger. So  according to the records William wit wife Clara and daughter Edith had moved to Yew Court in Scalby with three live-in servants

However you will need a few pounds to acquire this is for sale from a West End art dealer priced at more than £150,000.

The picture for sale is offered by London dealers MacConnal-Mason. A spokesman for the dealers said:

“Grimshaw portrays the house and high street by the bright silvery moonlight of a full moon as a mother and child make their way home.

“It is a beautifully observed scene, the mother tilting her head towards the child as they converse holding hands.

“The light from the unseen moon gleams on the windows and bathes the road and garden walls. It is a particularly serene and tranquil scene, characterised by Grimshaw’s extraordinarily detailed technique, unique quality of light and acute observation


2 thoughts on “William Tingle Brown and John Atkinson Grimshaw

    • Hi Walter

      Thanks…they are superb paintings, he certainly has a real talent with light which is no easy thing…:)

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