George Silverman’s Explanation Audio Drama BBC 2003

George Silverman’s Explanation is by Charles Dickens and was first broadcast on Radio four on 01/05/2003.

The story is adapted by Michael Eaton and based on Charles Dickens’ last serious story written in 1868. The story was written for a publication known as The Atlantic Monthly and is composed of nine chapters.

This adaptation stars Paul Scofield, David Warner, Gemma Jones with Alan Cox, Aaron Johnson, John Normington, John Tams, Katherine Heath and Guy Lankester

We start with George Silverman the boy, who according to his awful mother is ‘a worldly little devil’. Yet George survives his parents as they die in front of him in a cellar in Preston.

Taken on by ‘one of the elect’ from the chapel he escapes his wretched life through hard work and scholarship but always in the back of his mind remains the voice of his wicked mother.

The wealth that his mother had has been stolen by ‘the elect’ which George seemingly takes in his stride and leaves to join ‘the church’, sacrilege in the elects eyes. In the Victorian era you either went to chapel or church and never the twain would meet.

Throughout his life George endeavours to be beyond reproach but sadly every important action he takes tends to reinforce his mothers dictum and the explanation we are reading is written to simply clear his mind.

The tale is told by George and is remarkably sad, acted and produced excellently as we have come to expect by BBC Radio 4 and promenade productions.


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