Christmas Day at Kirkby Cottage BBC Audio Drama

Trollope and Santa separated at birth!

‘Christmas Day at Kirkby Cottage’ was first published by Anthony Trollope in 1870 and first broadcast on Friday 25 Dec 2009 at 10:00pm on BBC Radio 7.

The story revolves around Bella (Finty Williams) , a young girl who is fairly strong willed and her parents (played amiably Chris Larkin and Julia McKenzieby) who are concerned for about their daughters  future.

Into their lives comes the Mr Darcy-type in the figure Mr. Archer (played by John Rhys Davies). A well to do chap who falls in love directly setting eyes upon Bella and saves her from a nasty fall from the pulpit of the church where on Christmas eve he is invited to help decorate. Although very polite and well-mannered he manages to upset Bella when he tells her Christmas is a ‘bore’, that’s the way to chat up a Vicars daughter isn’t!

The story unfolds and you can guess is what going to happen and it does. Archer and Bella really do love one another but cannot actually find the words to express it. A proposal is rejected as it came out of the blue (not the done thing back then you know!). Her attitude changes once she discovers how generous an old lady living alone on the family estate and you can guess the rest as true love takes it’s course.

Being only 30 minutes it delivers a rather amusing and gentle distraction and is one for Christmas (as the title rather suggests


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