Sense and Sensibility Audio Drama 2010

This audio drama was first broadcast on BBC Radio 7 between the 6th & 9th April 2010 and directed Vanessa Whitburn.

Jane Austin, a story of romance was published in 1811, is a British  her first published work under the pseudonym of ‘A Lady’, not exactly the best name ever!

This great work of romantic fiction southwest England in 1792 through 1797 and follows the lives and loves of the Dashwood sisters.

We have Ms. Elinor Dashwood (played brilliantly by Jane Leonard) who portrays the prudence and self-control of the time and Ms. Marianne Dashwood who is the flighty emotional younger sibling (played by Abigail McKern). They are the daughters of their father Henry’s second wife, the very nice Mrs. Dashwood

The story itself revolves about the girls establishing themselves and their identity in marrying and the trials and tribulations of finding that partner.

The story follows the young ladies to their new home after the death of their father,  they are to live in a meager cottage on a distant relative’s property in Devonshire. And it is here where Elinor, Marianne and Margaret experience love, romance and heartbreak.

The Dashwood daughters might be well-educated, but they lack sufficient financial wherewithal to prosper in life. Their brother John (David Calder) and sister-in-law Fanny (Auriol Smith) insist that they should marry as soon as possible, as a way of confirming their femininity as well as their own identity after all if they do not marry they are doomed to poverty, spinsterhood and no prospects whatever.

Up pops the cad of the piece Willoughby (played by Robert Gwilym) who appears to be a typical bounder by trifling with women’s affections, he could’ve been played a little meaner but is still played well.

There is the amiable but engaged Edward Ferrers (played by Tim Meates). The Dashwood ladies seem perpetually inhabit the public sphere of parties and family soirées.

Sadly it appears that money not love is of far more importance here

The action in this adaptation revolves more around the sister than John and Fanny who are there but more in the background.

The adaptation is quite true to the novel and the ladies end up with right men

The four episodes were quite simple in direction but very effective and indeed an enjoyable diversion.


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