Holding the door open

Isn’t it just being polite?

Isn’t it just plain courtesy?

Isn’t it just the basic of manners?

Well apparently not! as twice this morning I had a door let go in my face. One woman actually saw me coming and let the door go just as I got there…I mean come on didn’t your parents teach you to be considerate!

In the Victorian era it was fairly straightforward, well I say that but learning the etiquette and manners of the age must’ve been a bit of a task…there does seem to of been much but some still survive such as holding the door open.

I will hold the door open for anyone, primarily it is for the Lady and knowing how to treat here, it is not being sexist but being polite.

Nowadays some gentlemen continue the social etiquette for how to treat a lady, while others require prompting.

Learning how to behave like a gentleman is easy to learn with some coaching and practice and here’s some top tips!

Remember that when you both enter a restaurant or other public venue, take the lead by opening the door before she approaches it and allowing her to walk through first. make sure you then follow her inside.

Pull the chair out from beneath the table for her and gesture for her to take a seat. Once your lady is seated, help her push the chair closer to the table.

Proffer her your hand to help your lady make it successfully up and down steps or hills especially if she is not wearing the appropriate footwear. If she looks cold or it is raining offer you coat.

You will of course ask how she is doing, how work went, how she feels and what she is thinking about, that way you can gauge how the evening should run.

Always offer your seat on a crowded public bus or train.

With these simple steps you will feel better about yourself and please people around you.



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