Charles Dicken’s London

A new book entitled ‘Charles Dickens’s London‘ has just been published by Ebury Press. I have yet to see it but this is what the product description says:

Over 200 stunning archive photographs, most of which have never been published before, illustrate this mesmerizing guide to Victorian London seen through the eyes of Charles Dickens. Setting Dickens against the city that was the backdrop and inspiration for his work, it takes the reader on a memorable and haunting journey, discovering the places and subjects which stimulated his imagination.

Here are captivating photographs of famous landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey, alongside coaching inns, the Thames before the Embankment was built, the construction of the Metropolitan Underground Line, the docklands that studded the river and the many villages that make up London today.

Authoritatively written and beautifully illustrated, this book will appeal to anyone who loves this beguiling city and wants to explore it as it was in Dickens’ day.

It looks like it could be a good addition on the photography front for those interested in Victorian London in general or just Dickens and his life. Although retailing at £25 you can get it from Amazon UK for £15.49.

I expect we will see many more books this year to mark the 200th anniversary so I will endeavour to keep us up to date.


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