More Dickens and The Dickens app

With the 200th celebration of Charles Dickens spawning many exhibitions and readings.

This is a somewhat different, the Dickens app which has been created to go along side with Dickens exhibition at the museum of London.

The most exciting part of the app is a graphic novel, illustrated by David Foldvari and takes the app user on a dark journey through the London streets with Dickens himself.

Mark Strong reads excerpts of Dickens’ work which ties into the illustrations whilst the . text in the novel comes ‘Sketches by Boz’.

There is also an interactive map we can be used explore the world described by Dickens and carries historical information added to the short stories so we gain a greater understanding of the context about Dickens’ references.

The Museum of London’s exhibit, which marks the upcoming 200th birthday of the author on Feb. 2, 2012, includes manuscripts of “Great Expectations” and “David Copperfield.”

you can download the app here for your Ipod or Ipad.


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