Former South Eastern Railway offices under threat!

The Victorian Society

Who I hear you ask?

Well The Victorian Society describes itself as ‘the champion for Victorian and Edwardian buildings in England and Wales’, and a good thing too when you see the monstrosities that are built in our grand metropolis…some are, as the saying goes…an affront to all humanity!

Once these building are gone…they are gone and someone needs to keep our history alive and The Victorian Society has been doing this since it was founded in 1958. 

Currently residing in the top ten buildings under threat is the rather splendid former South Eastern Railway Office on Tooley Street. This grand building is now threatened with demolition in a major redevelopment of London Bridge Station. As part of the plans this distinctive polychrome building would be replaced by a public plaza…in other words a widening the pavement!!

‘Many of the buildings on the Top Ten have suffered years of neglect but the South Eastern Railway office is still in use and in good condition. There is also no operational need for this destruction’, said Dr Ian Dungavell, Director of the Victorian Society.  ‘To knock this attractive historic building down to create a wider pavement is unnecessary and wasteful.’

I tend to agree.

Check out The Victorian Society


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