London Impressions from 1898

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These beautiful black and white impressions of London were published in 1898, the artist being William Hyde and I can find little or rather nothing about him.

Clearly a talented artist and these sketches and images capture the metropolis as it turns towards a new century.

So sit back, enjoy and raise a glass to William Hyde and the legacy of some beautiful artwork.


9 thoughts on “London Impressions from 1898

  1. I looked this up as I have a book called ‘The Open Road’, an anthology of poems, with endpapers designed by William Hyde. They are beautiful: the front shows the sunrise over a wood with a path winding through it, the back the moon over a similar scene. I am sorry that not more is known about him.
    Angela Sutton

  2. I found some beautiful sketches by William Hyde of the Guildford and Godalming area stored loosely in an old book, so I started to google him and found the previous comments. They are beautifully detailed.

  3. Hello i own a book by PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY (nature poems) it has 16 illustrations in colour from WILLIAM HYDE are they worth anything?

  4. In 1972 I was in Guildford and lodged for a year in the house of Bay Hyde, William Hyde’s daughter (then in her seventies I think). She had a collection of her father’s works and showed me many of them (I remember “The Nerves of London”). Her father had lived at Shere, where she and her sister grew up. She told me that her father, who had a terrible temper, knew Robert Louis Stevenson. The family thought Stevenson might have appropriated the name Hyde for this reason. I think Stevenson was in London in the 1880s after he returned from America. William Hyde was born 1859 and died 1925. He was married to Kate Rogers who was a water colourist and painted china. One of his oil paintings, “Landscape towards Peaslake Surrey , was donated by Bay to Guildford House and is on the BBC website


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