Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story – review

Jack the Ripper’s dead 
And lying in his bed 
He cut his throat 
With Sunlight soap 
Jack the Ripper’s dead. 

The Whitechapel Murderer, Leather Apron or as he is commonly know Jack the Ripper has been a source of fear and fascination since the horrific serial murders of 1888 and although released in Jan 2011 I came across ‘Jack the Ripper – The Definitive Story’ a few nights ago on HD5.

Great CGI/real life

I have a hard time to believe that this is the ‘definitive’ story, more like another story really or opinion but it is very well put together.

It starts off informing us that jack started his attacks with Emma Smith and Martha Tabran, they were attacked around the same time, in the same area and they too were alcoholics very much other 5 known victims.

    • Mary Ann Nichols
    • Annie Chapman
    • Elizabeth Stride
    • Catherine Eddowes
    • Mary Jane Kelly

Initially there was some belief that a solider, a coldstream guard was the killer but that proved to be false.

An 'expert' - Bill Beadle

There are lots of ‘experts’ pop-ups, some good acting and the computer graphics are not bad really and do make good backgrounds and give you an idea of what it was like compared to Whitechapel nowadays.

There are maps with arrows showing who was where, the CGI has the lighting set as it was in 1888.

It gives the gruesome details of death and the authentic photos of the victims and lots of ‘facts’ are bombarded at you..but It was very interesting to hear the background of the victims, something we don’t often hear.

It was also interesting to see how the press dealt with it and the sensationalism around the case.

I guess my only problem was whether to believe these’ facts’ or not, and sadly I understand these were cut (no pun intended) by some 45m mins so we didn’t get the whole story anyway.

and the conclusion…well you need to watch it for yourself but all in all a great introduction to one of the defining crimes of the Victorian Era.

From the makers:

Jack the Ripper the Definitive Story. Written by Paul Begg and John Bennett. Featuring experts: Philip Hutchinson, Richard Jones, Neil Bell, Neal Shelden and many more experts.

JTR, The Definitive Story, is a two hour docudrama that sets out to portray the Jack the Ripper murders as accurately as possible. Going back to original source materials and featuring the virtual environments of Jakko Luukanen.

The program sets out to reconstruct the witness statements as accurately as possible using the latest technologies available..

Broadcast on Channel FIVE in December 2010 and HISTORY UK in February 2011, JTR The Definitive Story is set for world wide release. DVD featuring extra footage!

Our aim is to provide the most accurate portrail of the Jack the Ripper murders ever . Two hours of cats taken from original source material and in conjunction with the soon to be released Jack The Ripper A to Z

Jack the Ripper, The Definitive Story is the first HD surround sound documentary ever created by Ripperologists. A program at last dedicated to the facts surrounding the case. 

Produced/Directed by Jeff Leahy

Currently available to watch on Channel 5


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